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Founded in 2009, VistaBright is a nationwide marketer of energy efficient industrial and commercial lighting equipment.

The lighting industry is changing rapidly, with a mind boggling array of new products hitting the market daily. The transition to energy efficient fluorescent and LED lighting is creating profitable new opportunities for Electrical Contractors and Electricians. VistaBright
is taking the lead with the formation of our VistaBright Express Dealer Network, featuring factory-direct-to-dealer shipping.

We are currently seeking professional electrical firms, large and small, to partner with us in becoming exclusive area dealers for our leading edge lighting products from major manufacturers. The number of exclusive area dealerships is limited, and we offer them on a “first come, first served” basis to qualified applicants. The VistaBright Express
Dealer Network is designed to provide many of the benefits of a distributorship or franchise, but without a large capital investment. For more information on this program, please visit our registration web page and complete the  contact information form. Register by clicking here
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