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NaturaLux Light Filters - Dig Deeper
NOTE: Click on the "Online Store" button to place an order, or click any of the other buttons above to discover free health related articles pertaining to NaturaLux filters. The articles can either be printed, read online or downloaded in PDF format. If you can't find the answers you're looking for, please click on the "Contact Us" button and email us your questions. We'll have one of our lighting specialists contact you as quickly as possible.
NaturaLux Testimonials - Read the encouraging and helpful feedback from actual NaturaLux customers who have discovered the multiple benefits and applications for these incredible UV filters.
The Science Behind NaturaLux Filters - This fascinating 10 page document can be read online, printed, or downloaded in PDF format. It will help you see fluorescent fixtures in a new light!
Lupus - A three page overview of the effects of fluorescent lighting on Lupus Erythematosus and an introduction to how NaturaLux filters remove harmful UV rays from artificial lighting.
Click to Order NaturaLux Filters Online - We offer the Tube Guard sleeves in T5/T8/T12 diameters in various lengths. You'll also find the 2' X 4' overlay sheets. Small or large orders are welcome!
NaturaLux Filter Benefits - A short overview describing how NaturaLux filters greatly improve visual acuity, help eliminate headaches, and improve the mood and health of employees and shoppers.
Photosensitizing Drugs - Examine our chart showing 150 Primary Class Medications responsible for photosensitizing reactions. Yes, even people who don't have lupus can be photosensitive!